Meet Our Dogs:
Take a look at our champion residents
A great afternoon of hunting!
NKC Squirrel Champion
Horseshoe Mountain
Kirkland's Banjo
Sire: Super Grand Squirrel Champion
William's Bud
Dam: Super Grand Squirrel Champion
Lance's Sugar
Grand Squirrel Champion
Cauley's Susie, one of the most
respected and successful
female Feists in squirrel dog
competition history.
Marty, a cross from Swift Legs and
Grubbs Hannah.
Banjo with a huge stringer of
Banjo treeing with style!!
Banjo treeing hard!
Molly and Susie treeing hard!
Left: After a good evening of
hunting! Right: Treeing hard.
Below: After a hunt with Joe
Grubbs and Yellow.
Sire: Knipps Tucker
Dam: Cateras Jill
Gracie has 106 squirrels
treed solo before 10
months old.